Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is there a star I can wish on tonight
that will transform all of this life?
Oh I want space,
and a life that reinforces me
and what I came to say, and do,
and hear

Is there a fountain from which I can drink?
A radio I can listen to
while I down the potion you gave me
many years ago that is terrible
and tastes rotten, soured, like sewage?

Dear on, sweet one, what can I do to
protect you from murder and help you swim too-
Oh nervousness, oh trepidation,
oh twosome you are...
oh lovely girl who made up her mind weeks ago.

Oh porcupine, you swim to the rivers
like me-
oh semicolon, you punctuate life
as you please-

oh sermon please give me a chance to confine
these crowds
to these rooms in what we call time

I love you, I have said, oh
so many times,
to blue eyes,
to brown eyes,
to mirrors, cars and whines.

You never told me you would change
or you would change your mind

Fragile i can feel in this cellophane world
and paper thin I can be in my
tight skinned inner swirl-
which looks more like a hot dog than
a cone of soft serve but gives
off some poison as I can observe.

Not sure where that leaves us,
silly you and lucky I,
not sure what I want from this slice of
the pie.

Cement-like and tangible you
tell me your best, then
cranberry juice and rambles
always come next.

Flyers and sailors are
vividly here
as I sink into a sand dune and
age just a year.

Telephones, tractors, things built for 2,
have always amused me
and still confuse you.
You act like you know things,
I swim like I know too,
you knit sweaters of blankets
and tie knots in your shoes.
Put your hands together for a minute
or two-
and say a prayer for me while I
say a prayer for 2