Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is a Ride I am Going For

This phrase just came into my mind. What does it mean? Does it mean I have no free will and everything happens "to" me? Does it mean life is always fun, I just need to remember I am in an amusement park? Does it mean I have no choices? The paradox about choices is that our choices lead us to choiceless states. Choiceless states are the only ones I would ever choose since they are always higher, freer and more joyful than states of choice. There is no choice really, and I mean that on many levels. We each have some kind of purpose which we have no choice but to fulfill, and who we are intrinsically is no choice either! I am choice-free and proud!
Choice involves duality and ego. True choice is choicelessness, for the only strong choice is the one that MUST be made-when there is no choice except a certain direction. That is a true Choice, but since there is no choice it is a funny paradox. Think about it-your strongest moments have been in choosing what you HAD to choose, and in knowing just that-that you had no choice. This is a fact.
A smiling fact.

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