Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is Time All About?

Time is about usefulness, generosity, and play. Time is a game we play and the way to win is to kick time in the butt. To leave time behind, is the only true use of time. Yes, the questions that love answers are one paradox after another. Time is a fountain like the fountain of youth- it stays young forever, never aging. Every moment is young, just born and open to anything. Through some form of creative expression, you can arrive in a place where time has meaning, where it is not that you are waiting for a more opportune moment, wondering how to navigate this one, or planning something for a better one. Rather, you and time are one. "Hello time," I will say to you, recognizing that you ARE time. It is tempting, many times per day or hour or minute to want to beat time, conquer time, win at the time game, but ironically, the only way to win is to become one with time. In this way, you will become a time-a-holic, rather than a "time waster." But what does is mean to waste time? Is it to throw it in the trash before fully experiencing and absorbing it? Basically, yes. To live moments partially, feeling separate from them is to miss out on time as a game. To win at the time game, you serve the infinite in as many moments as possible-starting with this one. The funny thing though is that it is frequently through action of some sort that I find myself becoming one with time, swimming in the time ocean, with the tide. In thinking about time, I rarely can access it's current. Time is mysterious that way because it cannot be caught, saved for later, or even permanently mastered-only savored and worked with using the imagination. Imagination is key when dealing with time, in order to maximize the potential of the moment, the way a child does. Time is a lot like a childs game-full of wonder, amazement, expression, silliness and even what conformity would call craziness. Anything can be imagined into a moment, one breath at a time-colors, animals, plants, imaginary things, dances. The real truth about time is that every moment is truly of no age and every piece of reality is undefined when you master time. What does it mean to be a time-a holic? "You tell me, Time."